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What is the fee for a woman to attend?
There is no required fee for this event.
Hopelifters invested in the first busload of women and encourages women to "pay it forward" and invest in the next bus of women, if they are able to.
We are supported by individual donations and sponsors.
The suggested donation is $100 per person.
What is the Sponsor a Seat Program?
Anyone can underwrite the cost of a woman to attend or give to honor someone for Mother’s Day who is living or deceased-even if they don’t attend. If you choose to honor someone, we will announce her name, display her name and her loved one’s name on our memorial table and also send a personal Mother's Day Card to let her know of her meaningful gift.
Can I underwrite multiple seats or other parts of the event?
Yes. We welcome you to personalize your partnership and choose what is meaningful to you. You may choose to underwrite more than one woman or perhaps you’d like to underwrite the entire group’s breakfast, lunch or dinner, gifts, or activities. We have a variety of ways you can partner with us and are open to explore that with you. Contact Kathe at kathe@hopelifters.com to discuss.
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Hopelifters Unlimited is a partner with CBWA, a 501c3 non-profit ministry and tax-deductible gifts are accepted.

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